[NTISP] Microsoft Solutions?

Patrick Patterson ( pj@ctt-inc.com )
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:12:39 -0500

My main purpose for this information is to gather a little knowledge about
how people are using Microsoft to handle web hosting services. In
particular, Front Page stability and security issues.

For many years now, I have been hosting a small client base (about 40
sites) on NT Server. While we have gone through many iterations of
balancing security and support with limited client access, I am starting to
get more and more clients who want to "do it themselves". We have an NT
domain setup, with all of our internal accounts and a few client accounts.
We do a lot of large web app development for these clients, and have
protected ourselves by not letting clients have access to ASP or other
server side scripting components.

My main fears are leaving big security holes in our environment, and
keeping a single client from causing an error that causes us to reboot the
server. Right now, I only have to reboot once a month or so.

So, can I setup a secured, mutlihomed site using IIS4 and NT4, with Front
Page Extensions, give clients ASP and FP access, and not be caused to
reboot my server every day or more? If so, I would appreciate any
information people can provide on how they have set this up in the past.

Thanks in advance-
P.J. Patterson

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