[NTISP] Fw: Fw: UK email problems

Dave P. ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:07:24 -0400

Below is a list of problems encountered by one of my customer's
relatives in the UK. My customer emails her all the time but the listed
problems occur. I have no clue.
Any help would be appreciated.


>We have received several e-mail messages but the problem remains as
>summarised below:
>1.They seem to take a long though variable time in arriving.
>2. Only the earliest can be opened. In order to receive the next the
>earliest dated has to be tagged and deleted. The next can then be
>accessed but then blocks later mails so the tagging and deletion has
>to be repeated until all mail has been read. We therefore lose
>earlier mail unless we "Save as" to disk.
>3. The error message on the Header "Invalid property value" remains
>and when clicked closes the program back to the desktop.
>I think Eve's best solution in to open another mailbox on the
>Internet. We have no problem receiving from Yahoo as my daughter's
>boyfriend has a Yahoo number as well as his home number so that he
>can access mail while travelling. On this he has sent innumerable
>e-mails (from Hong Kong and various parts of Australia) without
>problems. In fact we have never had this problem from anyone or
>anywhere before and our service provider is as mystified as the rest of
>Good luck in your bug hunting!
>Julia Mackenzie

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