( john@sapic.org )
Sun, 1 Aug 1999 19:08:55 -0400

Okay, I think I've had it with MS DNS. Every so often it goes a little
haywire and introduces all kinds of problems in to my life, and now I've run
up against one that I am just unable to solve, and I've been working on it
for three weeks.

I recently swapped IP addresses on my NT boxes, and of course made the
requisite updates to all my zone files. Now however though, when I dial in
and try to access sites on my servers the domains resolve as the old IP
addresses. The really annoying aspect of it all is that it's intermittent.
It just does not happen all the time. Sometimes the problem last for days
and then ends; other times it lasts for an hour or more, then ends. Other
times it only affects domains if I don not add the www in front of the
domain. When that happens it generally resolves fine if I do not add the
www. Another example... two computers (Win98) both dialing in, will exhibit
different problems (all the above) but not at the same time. For instance
earlier I dialed in from one computer and was able to connect to one domain
fine, but not from the other a few minutes later!!!!

Now, I point both machines at the DNS servers running in my network. Both
DNS servers are NT4 with SP4 loaded.

The question I am most looking for an answer to is this.. where exactly does
NT store these old IP addresses if they are not in the zone files under
/system32/dns/ ? I've looked in the registry, but can't find any plain
text for the IP's listed anywhere and I'm at my wits end!


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