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Thanks to everyone (including Terry) whoresponded to my original question about switching backboneproviders. 

One person I spoke to outside this list suggested that I keep the old IPaddresses and DNS mapping for our nameservers on our network even afterwe switch to the new backbone provider.  He said that by doing this,all of our existing dialup customers can keep their Primary and SecondaryDNS DUN settings unchanged, since our nameservers will still beassociated with the old addresses.  As new customers sign up, wewould have them configure their DUN settings with the new numbers, but wewouldn't have to spend the hours of technical support helping ourexisting customers change their DUN settings.   

If you would just have your customers get the DNS settings from yourserver when they dialin instead of hard-coding them, you wouldn't have toworry about this. You could just change your DNS IPs to whatever youwant, and your customers would pick them up automatically the next timethey dialed up.

Does this plan sound plausible toanyone?  I'm wondering if there will be any routing issues on theInternet at large if only our dialup customers use the old DNSnumbers.  If not, it seems like maybe this is the right approach totake (in addition to the other steps recommended by Terry and others, ofcourse). 

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Sprint is a tad slower but always consistent.  We found that duringthe
changing of the guard at MCI, they were constantly loosing routers so wehad
to fall back to Sprint for our upstream.

I'd recommend running dual systems for about two weeks and slowlymoving
traffic over to the new IPs until only your Mail, FTP, WWW, Primaryand
Secondary DNS servers are the only machines on the old subnets. Then just
kill the old subnet and move on without a hitch.

Please note that if you have colocates, they will need to make surethat
they update their records with internic also.

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