Re: [NTISP] IIS4.0 and Front Page (Sub-Web Permissions) Help?

Will LaSala ( )
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 13:04:32 -0400

This sounds just about right,
However I wouldn't suggest giving the user full access to the front page web
(another words Administer/Author/Browse) I would only give them editing
(another words Author/Browse). The reason for this is because a user with
Administer access and actaully get into the permissions and reconfig them
for thier web.
Which is usually an un-wanted effect. However with the Administer turned
they can't rename their web or do any adminitrative task to it
(which is fine for most of our users here).
Hope this helps
Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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>If you install FrontPage extensions on a root web you can use FrontPage to
>the subwebs.
>Say you setup a new site called do the DNS, IIS
>FrontPage setup so it all works.
>Use FrontPage Explorer and select File/New/FrontPage Web then for #1 select
>Wizard or Template and for #2 select change and enter
> (make sure you change My New Web to the
>or it will be listed in FrontPage as My New Web). Do an OK and enter your
>username and password. It will create the directory for you.
>Now the important stuff select Tools/Permissions and select Use unique
>for this web and Apply, this will set unique permissions separate from the
root web.
>Select Users and add the username from the SAM that will administer this
web (I
>forgot to you have to add the user to the User Manager) give it
>Administer/Author/Browse. Ok and your done.
>> Does anyone have any documentation on how to setup front page access to
>> webs? I need to be able to setup "user" directories (i.e.
>>, etc.) and allow them to use front page to
>> control their site, but not have access to any other sites listed in the
>> rootweb or anywhere else on the server. Any help on this would be greatly
>> appreciated!
>> Thank you in advanced,
>> Eric Jensen