Re: [NTISP] SOLVED !! Netserver modem firmware upgrade

David Payer ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 May 1999 09:56:02 -0500

:Anyboy got news on when and where to get analog modem firmware for V.90 or
:X2 ?
:- Danny Sinang

Analog? Opps Danny, you can't use these for 56K receiving (although you might
be able to get the to call out and log on to another 56K provider). To get 56K
connections for your customers, you MUST use ISDN lines so you must be using a
Netserver 16i, not just a Netserver. It is via the use of digital lines that a
method is created to allow one less conversion from analog to digital and the
savings allows a greater speed on the download side.

You cannot use the Netserver 16 to offer 56k access to others.

David Payer
(using 4 Netserver 16i machines here)