Re: [NTISP] attachments

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 11:51:27 -0400

From: Kurt A. Butzin <>
>Since this is an ISP list I assume noe of us are getting this mail over a
>modem connection, so if it helpos someone out whats the big deal in an
>attachment. I didn't even notice it until the complaints started.

I didn't notice it either, for that same reason. I can understand not
wanting binaries attached, but sometimes there are times that text
attachments can be very handy, where the data width is greater than mail
program word-wrap settings, etc. I don't know of any way for list-servs to
distinguish between the two, but perhaps an attachment size limitation can
be implemented, so that if someone wants to tack on a 20k text file or
containing debug info, SQL script, etc., it's ok.
Just a thought...


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>> >That was pretty dumb. Lets SPAM everyone with a 200K file..
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>> I have been wondering for a year why this list is dead. Now I know. I was
>> just trying to help, if you didn't like it the least you could do
>> is be nice
>> about it and addressed it with a little civility. I'm not beyond making a
>> mistake, but I don't need beat up about it. The other lists I belong to
>> include attachments regularly, I assumed this one did to.
>> Kevin