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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:50:59 -0500

Vinca software has a program call Co-Standby Server for NT. You connect
two NT servers together with dedicated 100Mb network cards and the backup
server will mirror the other in the background. It allows you use the
backup server as a workstation as well. When the main server goes down the
backup resets itself to take its place (at least it is supposed to). We
haven't tried it yet but it sounds good. The software retails for around
$4000. Vinca's website is .

Good Luck :)

At 08:20 AM 4/26/99 +0100, you wrote:
>We've got a similar system, except we had to go all out and get an Alteon
>ACEdirector, which is a hardware solution and about =A39000! =20
>If you have any luck, I'll be interested!
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>> Subject: [NTISP] Realtime smart NT backup
>> I'm looking for a software product that will do the following.
>> I have one main server (mission critical) and a backup server (backup).
>> In realtime, the backup server has all the mission critical=
>> it
>> continually mirrors the information from the main server... both server's
>> information are identical. If the main server goes down, the backup
>> server
>> will realize that this has happened... and it will take over the=20
>> responsibilities
>> of the main server. The end user is completely unaware that this has
>> happened. Therefore, I will be able to work on the main server at my
>> convenience, bring it back up, and then the main server will begin
>> performing all the work again... of course, it would update itself with
>> all
>> the new information... depending on what has changed on the backup.
>> Is there currently a product on the market that will do this? If so,=
>> you
>> recommend it? ...perhaps a URL? ...any experiences with this?
>> Thanks in advance...
>> --Nolan
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