Re: [NTISP] Realtime smart NT backup

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:23:23 -0400

Another solution to consider is a "standby server." =20

See -- select "Products" on the left and choose WindowsNT. =

Good luck!
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From: John Barrett <>
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Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 1:26 AM
Subject: Re: [NTISP] Realtime smart NT backup

If you can stand the cost, upgrade to NT Server Enterprise and enable =
and load balancing. I'm told by my peers in the industry that except for =
the user
that is in process at the time of the server failure, no one notices =
when one of
the pair of servers go offline. The user that was in process simply =
needs to
"refresh" and will re-establish his/her connection. We are are about to =
this solution at my office and if anyone is interested in the outcome, =
let me know
and I'll update those who ask, how it goes.

Just another potential solution....
John Barrett

"Nolan W. Bailey, Jr." wrote:

> I'm looking for a software product that will do the following.
> I have one main server (mission critical) and a backup server =
> In realtime, the backup server has all the mission critical =
information... it
> continually mirrors the information from the main server... both =
> information are identical. If the main server goes down, the backup =
> will realize that this has happened... and it will take over the
> responsibilities
> of the main server. The end user is completely unaware that this has
> happened. Therefore, I will be able to work on the main server at my
> convenience, bring it back up, and then the main server will begin
> performing all the work again... of course, it would update itself =
with all
> the new information... depending on what has changed on the backup.
> Is there currently a product on the market that will do this? If so, =
can you
> recommend it? ...perhaps a URL? ...any experiences with this?
> Thanks in advance...
> --Nolan