Re: [NTISP] Realtime smart NT backup

John Barrett ( )
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:21:13 -0400

If you can stand the cost, upgrade to NT Server Enterprise and enable replication
and load balancing. I'm told by my peers in the industry that except for the user
that is in process at the time of the server failure, no one notices when one of
the pair of servers go offline. The user that was in process simply needs to
"refresh" and will re-establish his/her connection. We are are about to implement
this solution at my office and if anyone is interested in the outcome, let me know
and I'll update those who ask, how it goes.

Just another potential solution....
John Barrett

"Nolan W. Bailey, Jr." wrote:

> I'm looking for a software product that will do the following.
> I have one main server (mission critical) and a backup server (backup).
> In realtime, the backup server has all the mission critical information... it
> continually mirrors the information from the main server... both server's
> information are identical. If the main server goes down, the backup server
> will realize that this has happened... and it will take over the
> responsibilities
> of the main server. The end user is completely unaware that this has
> happened. Therefore, I will be able to work on the main server at my
> convenience, bring it back up, and then the main server will begin
> performing all the work again... of course, it would update itself with all
> the new information... depending on what has changed on the backup.
> Is there currently a product on the market that will do this? If so, can you
> recommend it? ...perhaps a URL? ...any experiences with this?
> Thanks in advance...
> --Nolan