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Sam Lowe ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 08:29:00 -0600

The new version of NTMail uses an internal password system, so it sounds
like the relay package won't work. Any other users with VOP mail that might
comment on the package?

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>Hi Sam,
>We have solved this difficulty in VOPmail by requiring ESMTP authentication
>before opening an unapproved IP for relay. This of course requires your
>customer to use a mail client that supports ESMTP authentication.
>If your NTMail user repository is stored in either the NT SAM or an ODBC
>DSN, we have just introduced a light, relay-only version of VOPmail for
>$175. This version could authenticate against your NTMail user repository
>and be used only by your roaming users.
>Steve Velosa.
>Vircom, Inc.
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>> I am really at my wits end with e-mail. We run NTMail for our
>> users, and to
>> prevent relay and other unauthorized use, we selectively permit
>> e-mail to be
>> sent from certain ip ranges. This is fine until a user travels
>> and want to
>> send e-mail while logged into another service which issues an ip
>> foreign to
>> my "approved" range.
>> Any experiences with this arrangement? I am about ready to set up
>> server to authenticate outgoing e-mail by password, but hate to go to
>> expense for a few clients. At the same time, I hate to subject
>> the rest of
>> the user database to having to do this, thus the separate server.
>> We've been used for e-mail relay in the past, and I really don't want
>> problem again.
>> TIA.
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