Re: [NTISP] E-mail solutions

David Payer ( (no email) )
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:43:10 -0600

>I am really at my wits end with e-mail. We run NTMail for our users, and to
>prevent relay and other unauthorized use, we selectively permit e-mail to
>sent from certain ip ranges. This is fine until a user travels and want to
>send e-mail while logged into another service which issues an ip foreign to
>my "approved" range.

We use VOPMail ( and the way you can deal with it is
twofold. 1) use the Web interface for mail or 2) if using vopmail,
configure their SMTP server for authentication. It will use the
authentication that is provided for in Outlook Express or Netscape Mail via
POP and then that IP will have a temporary permission to use the SMTP
server. There are several ISPs using this for roaming arrangements. They
also recently created a new inexpensive version of thier product that is
for relay only so you can take some of the load off your main pop/smtp
server but still use all the anti spam measures they provide.

David Payer

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