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Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:08:46 -0500

From: Preston Korn <>
>I'm trying to use Microsoft DNS for the first time and don't understand the
>different terminology's used here. Can anyone out there give me a hand in
>setting this up?
>1. Do I need to create multiple zones or can I just use one?

The first thing you need to do after telling the manager what server to
administer is set up reverse-lookup zones for each subnet that DNS server
has authority for. So, if you have 2 subnets ( and, youd create the following primary zones:
Right-click on the DNS servername under "Server List" and choose New Zone.
Choose Primary, then enter in each of the following (separately, obviously)
and hit tab (this'll automatically fill in the DNS zone file name). Click
Next, then Finish.
For each of the above, you'll probably need to add an NS (name server)
record to point to your upstream provider's DNS server. Right-click on each
zone, choose New Record. Add an NS record and type in the DNS server that
will be handling reverse-lookups for your subnets (each of them). This
allows your upstream provider's DSN server to get the reverse-lookup
information for your IPs.

>2. What's the step by step process for adding a domain name?

Now, each time you add a domain to your DNS server, anytime an A record is
created pointing to an IP in one of the two subnets, the PTR (reverse
lookup) record is automatically put into the appropriate zone, mentioned
above. Be aware that if you later delete a zone or change an existing A
record's IP address, it will NOT modify/delete the corresponding PTR record.

To add a new domain:
Right-click on the DNS servername that appears under "Server List" and
choose New Zone. Choose Primary, then click Next. In this window, type in
the domain name ( and hit tab (this automatically fills out
the file name--leave the filename alone), then click Next. Now you have a
new zone (domain) set up in DNS.
Now you need to add the specific records (A, CNAME, NS, MX).
Right-click on the new zone name that appeared at the bottom of the zone
(domain name) list and choose New Record. Repeate this step for each of the
following, clicking on OK after each type:
A: Host Name: (often left blank if this is for a virtual domain)
Host IP Address: (whatever)
Create Associated PTR record (checked)
CNAME: Alias Name: www
For Host DNS Name:
MX: Mail Exchange Server DNS Name:
Preference Number: 10
NS: Name Server DNS Name: (secondary DNS server name)
Those are the basics. You can add all sorts of other records as needed.

By the way, highlighting a zone and hitting F5 will pull up any existing
data in them. By default nothing shows up when you click on it. F5 is
simply a refresh command.

>3.What are some issues I need to be careful with?

Deleting records. DON'T use the delete key on the keyboard. Eventhough you
may have a specific record highlighted, hitting the Delete key will wipe out
the zone--not the record. Anytime you want to delete something, right-click
on the record or whatever and choose Delete.

When you remove a zone or an A record from an existing domain, don't forget
to remove the PTR record in the reverse-lookup zone.

There's a big document that I found at MS a couple years ago for MS DNS, but
I can't figure out where I found it. I still have it here and it's
downloadable at: (5.3MB)

If this info doesn't get you in the right place, email me at and I'll send you a document that I wrote for our
employees that outlines everything for our own domains.


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