Re: [NTISP] Post.Office 3.53 running slow

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:55:35 -0500

From: Dan Waldron <>
>Good evening all, I have a problem where Post.Office 3.53 on NT 4.0SP4 has
suddenly started responding very slowly today. I am receiving continuous
POP3 timeout errors from my email program and users are also contacting me
with problems. The web administration tool is also responding very slowly.
Everything else is running fine and the server has plenty of available
memory and resources. The only recent change has been the addition of an
extra IP address to the machine, which I have since removed but there has
been no change to performance.
>Even Telnetting to port 25 gets a very slow response on the local LAN.
Help! Does anyone have any ideas? There is no mail in the outbound queue and
I don't think we're under any osrt of attack as our traffic levels are quite
low at the moment.

What's happening with the CPU and memory usage when you run the Task
Manager? If something regarding mail is causing the problem, you may need
to stop, then restart the Post.Office MTA service in the Control Panel
(Services). You might have a huge email message bouncing around somewhere
in the system. Check for anything unusual in the
\winnt\system32\spool\\messages directory. Each file in there
normally has 2 parts--one's the header info and one is the message body.
The file names are almost the same, so it's easy to pair them together.


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