RE: [NTISP] Post.Office / Outlook Express issues

Greg ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 08:55:27 -0800

I sent An E-Mail to the CEO of last night and this is whit I
got back.


Clearly your not very happy with this behavior and should not be. I am
asking our engineering groups if they understand what is the core problem
(TCP stack, our handling of an error condition, etc..) to determine what we
are not doing that others are to avoid the issue. As soon as I get to the
bottom of the issue, I will see what we can do to solve the problem for you
as soon as possible. My sincere apologies that you were forced to this level
of dis-satisfaction.

I will be in touch.

John MacFarlane, CEO


No problem on the venting - I would too if 50% of my customers were unhappy
(well possibly they are :-) ). Here is the latest I have from our
Engineering folks:

We are looking into this. We fixed one problem with a patch for Telus,
where a single dot on a line by itself makes Outlook Express believe that
the message is terminated, when it should not. Post.Office is RFC in this
case, MS OE is not. We are not distributing this patch widely because it is
apparently a hassle to configure (I don't understand this right now and I
don't have anyone to ask) and because it is essentially changing the
contents of the message, something we are loath to do.

But this does not explain why other servers apparently work.

I'll get an engineer to dig into this tomorrow, we've been hesitant to fuss
with it because the "official line" has been that it is a client problem
that MS should fix. And we have to take a person off latest codebase
development to look at this.

But we will do it, given the storm that people have stirred...

Give us just a little time as folks are now working on it. Sorry for the


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