Re: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:40:07 -0500

From: Ronnie D. Franklin <>
>I just moved my P.O. to another server last night..
>Just the opposite on the docs.. I thought they were totally confusing and
>over stated.. I highlited the necessary steps so I could make since of all
>the verbage, got it down to 5 or 6 "steps" and then all went smooth...

I highlighted the same things, just like you did, but in addition to that, I
wrote a set of procedures for myself that included ALL aspects for the
server change (not just email/PO related stuff). Once I read through all
the verbage in the PO docs, I highlighted the important parts, then just
copied them to my own set of procedures. Still very simple in my opinion.

>I will say this.. we were getting 5-8 phone calls a day for stuck Emails...
>and Tech support has not had a single call today....

We used to get quite a few of them, but now that we have the webmail system,
the only people who call us for the same thing are those people who never
bothered reading the mail we sent out to all of the users a few times
telling them what to do in these situations (go to,
etc.) Don't ya love it when you have to repeat yourself to these boneheads
all the time??

>Old server was a Pentium II 400, 256 megs, single Ultra-wide SCSI
>New server is a HP LX-PRO Netserver, dual Pentium PRO 200, 256 megs,
>Programs and NT reside on RAID 1 array, and the mailboxes are on a RAID 5
>array with 3 drives. RAID is hardware.. not WinNT software...

That's a hefty mail server. We went from a Pentium 166 (no MMX or anything)
HP NetServer LC-II with 96MB RAM on a 2GB drive to an HP NetServer LC 3
Pentium II 350 with (at the moment) 64MB RAM, 4.2GB hot-swap drive . The
old machine's CPU usage was through the roof by the time we finally
exchanged it. The new one's CPU barely gets touched and the RAM stays at
about 45MB usage for the most part with occasional spikes up to around 60MB.
There are about 1500 mailboxes on this particular server and IIS4 is the
back-end for the webmail system that runs on it. This server does nothing
but handle mail... All other ISP stuff is handled on other NT and Solaris


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