Re: [NTISP] Moving from the NT SAM

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 17:40:29 -0800

Richard Fink wrote:
> We are in a very similar situation... we are leaving the NT RAS
> environment to a Radius environment. How the heck do we pull the
> Username AND Passwors from the NT SAM for use with Radius ?

You can use many of the normal utilities to extract the usernames
from the NT SAM. Then you can import all of those into a RadiusNT
database with WINNT as the password and the password replace option.

Eventually you can get a full userlist in the database without
causing any disruption of your service (or your users ever knowing).

> > Do any of you fine computer type professional know of a utility that
> > will allow us to migrate from our current NT SAM-based
> > authentication to one that would be based on an external database
> > file (like with RadiusNT).
> >
> > I believe we can dump the a list of the users, but not the
> > passwords. I was hoping that the NT UNIX password sync would help,
> > but that is not the case.

RadiusNT does have a WINNT password replace option that has helped
many ISPs migrate from the NT SAM to a RadiusNT ODBC database.

> > Alternatively, does anyone know of a way to make a TotalControl look
> > at an alternative radius file, if it cannot find the user name in
> > the primary location? We can make it look at a secondary location
> > if the primary is down, but that won't help if we have to migrate
> > these users manually.

RadiusNT Enterprise 2.5.260 now supports proxy on unknown user. This
allows you to define an alternate RADIUS server to send the request to
if the user was not found locally.


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