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Michael Whisenant ( (no email) )
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 08:26:47 -0600

If you have a Tbird examine the signal strength on the trasmit. You can
also find the S82 paramater in the modem (it should be 12) if this setting
is lower than 12 then your v.90 connections improve, but the v.34 modems
suffer. Another possible is that since you are a CLEC and you have no
distance you may want to check the LBO options in the switch and in the TC
chassis. Make sure these are set to 0ft, which is from 0-133ft. This
problem with v.90 is typically an overpowering of the line. If you have
listed to modem negotations for a long time, try listening closely to the
current negotation and you might hear a difference.

I am on the beta and I changed my entire network from 1.2.59 to the new beta
code about 2 weeks ago.

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> Greetings to the "list".
> We are going crazy with connection failures. We cannot get a grip on this
> and 3-Com is not proving to be that helpful. Certain modems just cannot
> connect. Primarily seem to be USRs and some Boca (but mainly the older
> v.34/v.42 brands). Webramps cannot connect at all. Ran across a
> suggestion
> to turn off PPP Offloading (which we did and now Webramps can
> connect), but
> can't figure out what this does, or what else will now break.
> This problem seemed to come up overnight. We were once fat,
> dumb, and happy
> with very connection problems, but now they are here and seem to be on the
> rise.
> We have reset the unit several times, but this does not help.
> We are running Hiper cards flashed to 1.2.59 software. We are CLECs and
> supply our own PRIs (from our Harris switches). We have only 5 hiPers in
> the chassis in question (and one Hyper Arc router board).
> Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Samuel S. Lowe
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