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Fernando M. Kiernan ( (no email) )
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 10:32:42 -0300

We are not using 1.2.59 and use E1-R2 not T1 so this couls not help you =
but here we go...

We found that many of the connections troubles come from the settings =
of the trunk line in the switches (we are a local phone company too).
With our first E1 was set up as a standard user, ie: similar to the =
settings were you sell a trunk to a customer and assings a hundred of =
numbers to this trunk to support DDE (direct dialing entry) to the =
customer extensions.
This was the worst thing done in our life, the connections were =
absolutely inestables, the same modem on the same line sometimes =
connected at 14400, sometimes at 26400, sometimes at 33660 sometimes at =
40333....stop here, we could not get any more....
So we changed the config of the trunk to be a "route" in our switches =
and everyting goes smootly form this moment. Some users have some little =
problems with their V90 "compatibles" modem of $30.- but when we tell =
them spend a little more in your modem, expect to pay $80-100 for a good =
one, the problem stops.....

Hope this helps

Fernando M. Kiernan

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[]On Behalf Of Sam Lowe
Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 12:51 AM
Subject: [NTISP] TC Chassis

Greetings to the "list".

We are going crazy with connection failures. We cannot get a grip on =
and 3-Com is not proving to be that helpful. Certain modems just cannot
connect. Primarily seem to be USRs and some Boca (but mainly the older
v.34/v.42 brands). Webramps cannot connect at all. Ran across a =
to turn off PPP Offloading (which we did and now Webramps can connect), =
can't figure out what this does, or what else will now break.

This problem seemed to come up overnight. We were once fat, dumb, and =
with very connection problems, but now they are here and seem to be on =

We have reset the unit several times, but this does not help.

We are running Hiper cards flashed to 1.2.59 software. We are CLECs and
supply our own PRIs (from our Harris switches). We have only 5 hiPers =
the chassis in question (and one Hyper Arc router board).

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Samuel S. Lowe
Director, Data Network Services
UniversalCom, Inc
Voice 850-837-0077 VM x116
FAX 850-654-1794

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