Re: [NTISP] Another traffic monitor question

Petar Nikolich ( )
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:09:36 +0800

If you can pull SNMP stats from the ethernet cards on the Co-located
boxes you can use mrtg to give you bytes in/out and just reset the
counters each month.

If you have a network switch with some intelligence you could set
mrtg up to pull the snmp stats from each switch port you plug the
idividual servers into? If the switch is on a ups it will keep totals
for you even if the servers get rebooted or drop with power surges.

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From: John Morgan <>
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Date: Tuesday, 16 February 1999 7:24
Subject: [NTISP] Another traffic monitor question

>We need to monitor the traffic (but not shape it) based on IP addresses.
>Some IP addresses are to Co-located boxes and some are to IIS servers. We
>have a Cisco 2500 series router with a single T1. I tried MRTG but it can
>only tell me total traffic. Not traffic by IP address. I looked into
>Packeteer but it's too much cash. Anyone know of other solutions?

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