[NTISP] Playing with fire????

Robb Bryn ( (no email) )
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 11:23:25 -0500

I think I may be playing with fire here...

Is there a way to modify the SQL statement Radius uses when it inserts call
history in the CALLS table?

I'm really looking for a way to get a 24hour picture of our usage patterns
(so I know what our peak times are instead of guessing). The best way I can
think of is to add an additional field in the calls table which holds a
count of nasports in use from the callsonline table. I'm thinking its the
best way to get an accurate snapshot of what's going on at all times. Once
the count is put in the calls table I can pretty much do anything with it
(run 24hr graphs that shows usage vs time, monthly usage patterns etc.)

If anyone has a better way please let me know.

Robb Bryn

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