RE: [NTISP] FTP ignorance causing major headaches!

Patrick Patterson ( )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:29:45 -0600

I no longer use Serv-U, but often wish I did!

Serv-U is a separate FTP server, very popular because is is very
inexpensive ($25 last I checked), and is well supported by it's creator.
The main advantages are that it entirely independant of your system.
Users, permissions, etc. are very configurable to what YOU want to do.
There are some "3rd party" tools that help with administration. And it has
additional features for those who are interested in running an FTP server,
instead of a simple access to their website.

MS FTP is very mundane, and somewhat infantile. It is, however, very well
intertwined with NT security. If all of your users are in an MS domain,
or, if you are like me, and have a lot of servers under one domain, it does
make User Administration easier - one change applies everywhere. It does,
however, make a lot of assumptions about how you want things to work
(unusual for M$, eh?). It uses NT security, which is nice if that's the way
you want to do things. Also, it is a little cleaner with the system,
service-wise, etc, and it is integrated into the IIS package, which will
have some long term advantages, I presume.

Personally, the bigger and more complex my NT domain gets, the more I wish
I had stayed with Linux!

I believe the url for ServU is

At 11:04 AM 1/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Where can I get Serv-U and what's the difference?
>Please forgive these questions everyone, until 4 weeks ago, I was hardware
>tech support only....I think software is WAY to unforgiving...hehe
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>Not sure how to solve the problem with what you are using...
>But.. suggestion.. boot MS FTP off and get Serv-U.. much much better with
>lots more control....
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