RE: [NTISP] FTP ignorance causing major headaches!

Joseph J. Tokar ( (no email) )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:32:00 -0500

If I remove the "everyone" from nt user manager, does that prevent people
from seeing the www sites? Or in any way affect anonymous logins to
websites? Also, if a valid domain user has authorization, how come I can't
see any of my sites as is? I am using NTFS and have granted permission to
the user at the folder d:\inetpub\www\topgunart is the directory
structure, and I have granted permission on the topgunart directory only.
Do I need to give access to the www directory or the inetpub directory?

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Joseph -

First, the FTP software will authorize any valid domain user that supplies
the correct password, regardless of the "site" in question. This can be a
benefit, but also a hindrance, depending on what you are actually trying to

Now, knowing this, the next question is how do you allow/prevent access.
The answer, as far as I can tell, is simply based on the NT file and
directory security permissions (hopefully you are using NTSF!). What I do
is pull the default "everyone" from the entire drive, and the selectively
assign permissions as needed. For someone to "log into the site", then
need to have permissions to the root directory of the "site", at least read
access, I believe. If they don't, then they can "login", but will get a
"home directory access forbidden", which will prevent them from effectively
logging in.

Hope this helps-

At 10:21 AM 1/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
> I am having a problem with my FTP server and was wondering if anyone had
>encountered this particular problem before.
>I am running IIS4 and have installed a www and an ftp site for a number of
>domains. Under sharing in the ftp site I have removed anonymous access and
>added a user with the sitename (user name) and password. In user manager
>for NT I have created a user (sitename) and password and added them to the
>domain users group. When trying to ftp into the site, the user name and
>password are both accepted, but permission to access is denied.
>Here's the weird part:
>While troubleshooting I added domain admin group to the user profile, it
>worked great. Could ftp fine, upload and download great. On a whim I
>to ftp into another site...that also worked...needless to say, I removed
>domain admin group from the user profile, problem is, I could still access
>both sites that I had accessed while the admin group was in the profile. I
>could no longer access any new domains, but in order to remove the access
>from both domains, I had to delete the user profile and start over.
>My question is: Have I missed something? What exactly are the steps I
>to take in order to ftp into a site with IIS4? Do I need to share the
>directory? I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't seem to figure it
>Thank you for any suggestions you might have.
>Joseph Tokar
>Tech Support
>Signature Internet Solutions
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