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Anthony Abby ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:08:22 -0500

ADSL won't work for you on your end if you are thinking of using it to
replace your current server connection. ADSL will not route from your end
out, but SDSL will. WQe investigated ADSL some time ago and were a little
put down to find all this out.

ADSL is fine for the consumer, but not a suitable replacement for the more
conventional line types for servers.


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> The phone company in our area is launching ADSL (Asymmetric Digital
> Subscriber Line) in January. This technology is essentially a
> Frame-Relay connection for the end-user at a fraction of the cost. The
> customer is paying the phone company about $100/month for the circuit,
> but has the potential of receiving a full T1 and sending 75% depending
> on copper quality, according to the phone company. We see this as is a
> very cheap T1 connection, but feel the customer may expect our band
> width to be as inexpensive as the connection.
> I am looking for some ideas on how to price the bandwidth?
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