[NTISP] Setting Up Remote BDC...

Robert Hipp ( rhipp@oc-net.com )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:15:35 -0800

We have a customer with a office here in Calif and an office in Las Vegas
connected via T1. Each site has a PDC (LB and LV). Now they want a BDC
for LV here in Calif. The problem is when we setup NT as a BDC it can't
find LV PDC. We are thinking about making it a PDC with the same domain
name as LV when disconnected from network. Then once installed, connecting
back to network. The hope is that server service won't start because there
will be a domain controller with same name and then we can demote to to
BDC. Has anyone done this? Will the two start talking? Will we messup the
existing PDC in LV? Is there a better way short of flying out there?


Robert Hipp
System Admin