RE: [NTISP] Sharing printers with Macintosh

Matthew Thompson ( )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 09:08:43 -0000

Sorry - this can't be done easily - Print Services for Macintosh will
only let you print through to printers that are controlled directly by
the NT machine.

M@t :o)

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From: Darryl Harvey []
Sent: 29 November 1998 05:44
Subject: [NTISP] Sharing printers with Macintosh

I am running a NT server that has uses a printer that is shared on a
Win95 box.

I want to run Appletalk services on the NT machine and make it's printer
availble to Apple Macs that are on the network.

Can anyone tell me just how this is done?

I have added the print servcies for macintosh, but cannot work out how
share the printer to apple users.

Any help appreciated.


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