Concurrancy Control

Mark Ewer ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 13:45:19 -0400

OK, I have been looking around in the message base and found a BUNCH of
information about Concurrency Control. However, I have also found some
conflicting information. One message said that MANUAL CALLS UPDATE has to
be on and another said that it should not be enabled if you use EMERALD.

We use Emerald 2.1.11, RADIUSNT 2.5, with an MSSQLServer 6.5 with Ascend MAX
4000's for access servers. I found this message which seems to be the most
complete step-by-step to enable it.

Here are the things that must be met:

1. You must enter all your servers in the Server Ports table.

Did you mean SERVERS for this item? If that is the case, we do have a
record for each of our MAX's and an entry for LOCALHOST.

2. You must enter each port of each server in the ServerPorts table
(the two tables are linked via the ServerID field).

Our ServerPorts table has a BUNCH of records in it. It does appear to have
a record for each port on each MAX.

3. You must have accounting working and RadiusNT storing accounting records
in the calls table.

We do have accounting in the calls table. However, we have never put this
to the test because we do not sell any accounts that are not unlimited

4. You must have either manual calls update enabled or a trigger installed
on the calls table to update the serverports table. This is the key
to concurrency working. The trigger or manual calls update will keep a
running list of users on-line in the serverports table. This table is
what RadiusNT will check to see if someone is on-line (and how many

I think this is what is catching us. I saw another message in the message
base that said if you use EMERALD that you do not need the MANUAL CALLS
UPDATE. Which would be better? or easier? Can you give me a sample of the
SQL statement to create the trigger that you are referring to?

5. You need to have Concurrency control enabled in the RadiusNT admin, and
possibly the variable login limit if you want RadiusNT to use the loginlimit
field in the subaccounts table.

I can do this part.


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