[NTISP] list server

Ugo Uggetti ( ugo@venus.it )
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:22:49 +0100

I'm going to install a new list server. Up to now, I used NT List (from
Net Shopper) v3.xx, but I don't want to upgrade to NT List v4 for a number
of reasons. Even if I will also drop NT Mail v3.xx before or later, I
would prefer a dedicated list server software instead of Mail+List server
because generally a dedicated list server is more feature-rich and more
configurable than a list server bundled with a mail server.

Currently I'm testing Lyris that looks really great, but before moving all
the lists to the new server, I would like to know if I'm missing something
important, since I didn't test in the real life any other list server
except NT List and Lyris.

I see that many other lists are delivered using Listserv v1.8c, but it's
too expensive for my needs (most of my lists are non-commercial).

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Ugo Uggetti

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