[RadiusNT] Multiple Auth/Acct Ports?

Jim Whaley ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 09:52:35 -0500

Is it possible to listen on ports 1645 AND 1812 for auth and acct?

I'm running RadiusNT 2.5.162 on NT4.0 (SP4) in ODBC mode.

I saw little entry in the RadiusNT manual:

-p0 [port] - AuthPort - The ports to listen for Authentication requests on.
Defaults to the port specified in the RadiusNT Administrator, or 1645.

See? It says the "ports" to listen.....

If this can be done, how would I specify it? Would I just put 1645,1812 in
the RadiusNT Admin?


Jim Whaley

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