[RadiusNT] RE: What about writing CalllerID, AcctSessionID to callsonline (serverports) ?

Serkan SUBASI ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 14:54:56 +0300

We do not want to do such an operation, because calls table getting big
everyday (even we clear it once a month)
and when we set a trigger on it, trigger will consume all SQL server
resources (CPU), and makes a very high load.

But I think there must be a structure like the one done on Calls (RadiusNT
load all column info at startup)
RadiusNT can load all columns on serverports table at startup, and then
collects that data from the radius request,
then updates serverports (not callsonline)

Why not ?
Is not that a good idea ?


>Hi Serkan
>Using MSSQL's enterprise manager, you can easily alter the serverports
>to include the new columns and then update the insert trigger on the calls
>We find that 'connect-speed' is another handy one to see in the calls

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Subject: [RadiusNT] What about writing CalllerID, AcctSessionID to
callsonline (serverports) ?

>What about writing CalllerID, AcctSessionID to callsonline (serverports) ?
>Because we never know a user s CallerID, unless user disconnects, and
>queries made to calls table is slower than those made to serverports
>thanks in advance
>Serkan SUBASI

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