RE: [RadiusNT] utilization

Nathan Haywood ( )
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 13:46:48 -0400

Actually, this shouldn't really put any more lad on your network... Any
active user could easily fill a 56k dial-up pipe with traffic. A small
LAN connected through NAT/Proxy/whatever doing email/browsing shouldn't
hit your network any harder than one user sucking down a bunch of binary
newsgroups while downloading MP3s...

What is it, exactly, that you want to limit?

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Any idea on how to counter the over utilization of dialup users for the
link. The problem is that we sell a dialup unlimited hours plan, on the
bases that it is to be used by on user, but what some users do is that
they use their account to connect multiple users on a lan, which means
that more than 5 users will be using the link at the same time through a
proxy server, this puts an extra load on our bandwidth.


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