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Emad Hazza wrote:
> Sheryl,
> What you said is ture and understood. But if I want to sell a fixed hours plan say from 8am to 6pm, so their is no way to force users on this plan who are still connected at 6pm to log out, they can go on as long as the wish using that session. I thought if radius can force a disconnect when the maxinmum session time is exceeded, it should force a disconnect when the allowed log on time is up which is in this case 6pm. Somebody suggested to telnet the NAS and clear the lines their, but this is not always practical.

As long as your NAS supports Session-Timeout, RadiusNT *WILL*
send the Session-Timeout value of how long they have left
in their current window. IE: If its 5pm when the user logs
in, RadiusNT will send a session-timeout of 3600 (one hour)
to the NAS. Again, as long as your NAS supports Session-Timeout,
then it will work. (For Example, Cisco does NOT support
Session-Timeout for a PPP session).

You can verify/check this by using Radlogin for the user,
since it will show use the Session-Timeout value that
RadiusNT returns.

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> Emad,
> Are you saying that the user's record still appears in the online tab,
> or that the user must initiate the disconnect? If the user must
> initiate the disconnect, that is to be expected. The RADIUS protocol
> does not allow a RADIUS server to send interactive commands to the NAS
> once the user is connected - it can only send information at the start
> of the session instructing the NAS in how to handle that user. The
> "clear" button is there for you to clear any entries in the online table
> that for some reason weren't cleared when the user disconnected (for
> example, if the NAS lost its connection with the RADIUS server and
> didn't send the stop record to it). This prevents RadiusNT from
> rejecting a user's login because it thinks the user is already online.
> If the "clear" button does not remove the entry from the online tab,
> which version of the Emerald client are you using?
> Sheryl
> Emad Hazza wrote:
> >
> > Thankyou it is working now, I have aquestion , if a plane is defined to allow access during certian hours on a certain port, when the time is up, will the raduis clear the user who is still logged on. or do I have to go and clear the user manually. The problem I am facing now is that when I clear any user from the online tab the session doesnot cleared until the user himself ends his session.
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> > At 02:19 PM 10/5/1999 +0200, you wrote:
> > >Server port access on the radius admin is nothing but a blank page, I
> > don't if this is a bug during upgrade
> > >so it cannot be used to define the time range. Can anybody suggest something
> > >
> >
> > Here's what I was told:
> >
> > >
> > > Nothing is in "Server Port Access"... it's a blank screen...
> >
> > if you are not using server port access, then turn it off in the
> > RadiusNT admin. A newer Emerald admin will clear up the blank
> > tab problem:
> >
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> >
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