Re: [RadiusNT] Any Benchmark?

Jose Ignacio =?iso-8859-1?Q?Caba=F1as?= ( )
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 14:58:06 +0200

Hi Dale,

"Dale E. Reed Jr." escribió:

> > I want to get the max calls per second (approx.) that RadiusNT can process
> > (using a local DB, like Oracle, of 1K-10K-100K-500K users)
> How many processors? How Much Memory? What kinda disks? Auth and
> Accounting or just one?

I was thinking in a typical PC configuration, like P-II 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM,
enough HD (IDE).
I do not know if you know that when somebody talks about performance in a RADIUS
server, or about RADIUS server loading, the metrics is AAA transactions per
second. An AAA transaction consists of one auth access request, one accounting
start record and one accounting stop record.

> There are so many factors, that its impossible to tell. I've
> seen a pair of RadiusNT servers using MSSQL7 handle 100K, no problem.
> Also, # of users is really meaningless to RADIUS. What really
> matters is the number of ports and active callers. For example,
> if you have 100 customers who all call at night, that will be
> higher than having 50 customers that call during the day, and
> 50 that call at night.

OK. I agree with your last asseveration , but that is not the aim of my
question. If you use an users text file, you would see that # of users is
really significant when it is a great number (i.e. 100K), and continuous IO's
operations (searching for the user) are the bottleneck of the system. It seems
that when you use a DB, the 'degradation vs #users' is much lower. (something
similar, but slighter could be the situation concerning write operations in the
detail file)
I was thinking about a critical peak (overloading), where you have to manage a
lot of simultaneous calls, and the metrics I want to get is the maximum AAA
transactions which RadiusNT can dispatch (more or less a throughput metric) in
such a situation, for both cases (DB and plain txt files) and for different #
of users (1K-10K-100K-500K users)

I think this kind of benchmarks could make anybody can have a wide and whole
knowlegde of RADIUS SW capabilities.


Jose Ignacio

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