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Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 10:06:53 +1000

Thanks for all the help.
As I am not good with Access, I will either export the userlist using the
adduser.exe from the resource kit to a .txt file.
Is there a easy way to just import into Emerald from a .txt without any
programming ?
If not I will just type in the username and WINNT (is this case sensative
Thank you


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Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Hello List,
> We are changing from NT SAM to RADIUSNT and we need to export our users.
> Does anyone know of a way to export all the users to a .txt file ?
> Is there a better/easier way to import into RadiusNT ?
> We only have about 200 logins on this server but the next has 1000+ and we
> will be doing that one in a few weeks.

There is a migration possible for this. What you need to do is export
the list of usernames from the NT SAM, and then import them into
the RadiusNT database. You can use MS Access to do the import, as
its usually easier (even to an SQL linked table). When you import
the users, set their Passwords to "WINNT". In the RadiusNT admin,
set the password replace option and make sure RadiusNT can auth against
the NT SAM (see the docs for the details on that one).

What will happen is when the user's auth, their first auth will go
against the NT SAM. If good, RadiusNT will overwrite the WINNT password
with their actual password. After a while, you'll have all the
in the DB, and can get rid of the NT SAM.


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