Re: [RadiusNT] preventing ISDN connections

Brian Lube ( )
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 11:27:56 -0400

I'm not sure in Emerald how to do it, but you need to set the NAS-Port-Type
attribute to a check attribute. In the backend there is a bit select in
the radATconfigs table that you can set per config line for check or
not. It will then check to see if the Port type matches and will fail if
it does not.

We are currently using this and it is quite effective.


At 11:10 AM 9/17/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I just noticed that ISDN users can dial into our Maxes successfully (can
>ping them, etc.) and I'm trying to prevent that unless they've got a
>different service associated with their account. Here's what I have set for
>NON-ISDN users (that apparently isn't preventing the cheaters from
>connecting and doing their thing on the net).
>AccountType Name Data
>--------------- --------------------------- --------------
>PPP Ascend-Idle-Limit 1200
>PPP Ascend-Maximum-Time 28800
>PPP Framed-Protocol PPP
>PPP NAS-Port-Type Async
>PPP User-Service Framed-User
>Any suggestions on preventing these connections??
>Emerald 2.5.278
>RadiusNT 2.5.175
>SQL 6.5 SP5a
>Ascend Max 40xx units (TAOS 7.0.22)
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Brian Lube
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