RE: [RadiusNT] SNMP concurrency checking

Herman verschooten ( )
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 16:57:00 +0200

Say Dale,
We've got a RA8000 from Bay-Nortel, i've seen that there's an entry for the
5399, but the proble we face is that bay has changed their entry to

.. for asynchrone calls, where x is the
.. for synchronce calls
.. for ta calls

but what they sent in the access-request is either

a. when radius-port-enconding is set to channel


where aa is the connection type (10 for async, 20 for sync, etc)
where b is the PRI
where cc is the connection

b. when set to device

you just get the port-number, eg when you have an async call on port 10,
this will be 10. When you get a sync (ISDN) call on port 10, this will alse
be 10. You can never get two simultanous calls with the same port-number.
But how can you do you set this up ?

Is this a little bit understandable ?

Any help is appreciated.


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Josh Hillman wrote:
> Ahhhh Everything appears to be working now.
> I removed the port numbers and the end of the entries in the SNMPUser
> selected the SNMP tracking in the RadiusNT admin, then restarted RadiusNT
> (first by doing so in commandline debug mode). I thought the missing "x"
> the SNMP documentation was a typo and that's why originally had the port
> numbers appended to the end of the SNMPUser string.

Its not a typo. Its also why there is no mention of the range of
ports for that type, like there is for the rest of them. I'll see
about adding some verbage to help clarify it.


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