[RadiusNT] Radtriggers

Fernando M. Kiernan ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:07:32 -0300

We are trying to implement triggers in a per user level. How can we know exactly what is SQL returning to radiusnt when the radchecktrigger happens....
and then how can we know the command line radiusnt is executing???

We are running radiusnt 2.5.175 in a NT4SP5 with SQL Server 6.5SP5 in -x15 debug mode and the only thing we view is radchecktrigger xxx where xxx is the accountid of the user and nothing more.

Thanks in advance

Fernando Kiernan
Imagenes Digitales S.A.

--Fernando KiernanImagenes Digitales S.A.DILHARDfkiernan@dilhard.com.arhttp://www.dilhard.com.ar


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