[RadiusNT] Debug mode safe when live ?

David Chapman ( david.chapman@exchange.co.uk )
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:50:02 +0100

Running latest RadiusNT with it started as an NT service. A live environment
with maybe 20 requests per second.

Is it safe to run up radius -x15 from a command prompt ?

It appears to work OK, ie looking at task manager it hasn't started a second
copy and in the command prompt window you can see the requests coming
through and so can work out what's happening. When you have finished you can
control C and it says it's cleaned up - but you can also just close the
window, and start a second copy, and all the time this is going on it's
running as an NT service - a bit scary.

We _think_ that when we have a debug window open we seem to have more
problems !

David Chapman

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