Re: [RadiusNT] Roaming vs Central Radius

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:07:08 -0700

> 1SZG wrote:
> Hi Dale n otherz..
> A, B, C connected to central database RadiusNT machine D.
> [Machine A] -----------------[ CENTRAL
> [Machine B] -----------------| DATABASE (Machine D)
> [Machine C] -----------------[ MACHINE
> On Machine A, B, C:
> - Server Proxy is enabled for roaming pointing to Machine D
> - Have no user/password entries in their local databases
> On Machine D:
> - There is central database with RadiusNT running
> - Has all entries for user/pass
> Working:
> All NAS requests are forwarded to Machine D from different
> sites/machines (A,B,C)
> Question #.1:
> What type of licenses are required on these machines?

You would need Enterprise Licenses on A-C and a standard license on D.

> Question #.2:
> Can Machine D run on RadiusNT Standard ?

Assuming that you don't have to strip anything (it doesn't sound
like you do) then yes.

> All NAS directing their requested directly to Machine D. (No proxy
> involved)
> Question #.3:
> Which SCENARIO works better - independent of all other factors ? I
> mean, Is there any difference in request from NAS and proxy?

The only way the first scenario would benefit you is if A,B,C
were caching the information on the local side, which they are not.
RadiusNT 3.0 has some caching/spooling features that would make
this scnario beneficial, but RadiusNT 2.5 does not.

> Question #.4:
> Which SCENARIO works better, if the NAS are over 192K link to
> Machine D under normal network traffic?

I'd still go with scenario B, until the a-c RADIUS servers do
smart caching.


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