Re: [RadiusNT] Simplest Test for Roaming - URGENT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:37:54 -0700

> 1SZG wrote:
> I want to perform a simple test of roaming. I haven't tested roaming
> using RadiusNT before.
> Please comment whether this would be sucessful or not.
> The Scenario :-
> [Machine A] ----LAN------ [Machine B]
> Machine A:
> - has RadiusNT with Server Proxy Option
> - has MS Access with Roaming Server pointing to Machine B
> - MS Access has no users defined
> - has radlogin (NAS simulator for RadiusNT) for testing

You must make sure the RadRoamServerID for the localhost entry
(or whatever you are running radlogin to) is set to a defined
RadRoamServer entry that points to machine b.

> Machine B:
> - has RadiusNT server
> - has SQL Server 6.5 with login users defined in it
> The Proposed Working :-
> - radLogin will be used to generate a login auth packet
> - as far as I percieved from the working of 'Server Proxy' option
> - all UDP packets will be forwarded to Machine B.

Well, more correctly, any RADIUS request from a server entry that has
a RadRoamServerID that is not null will be forwarded to that RoamServer
(not just any UDP packet).

> - user will get authenticated from Machine B and will get a ACK on
> Machine A
> Please comment.
> Also let me know, whether I'd be able to test this scenario - using
> the evaluation software licenses of RadiusNT. I already have an
> Enterprise copy of RadiusNT but the license key is inaccsible (inhouse
> regulations of my client).

The eval versions of RadiusNT do allow for enterprise features.


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