[RadiusNT] How to synchronize system times?

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>Subject: [RadiusNT] How to synchronize system times?
>From: "S.Tumurbaatar" <tumur@datacom.mn>
>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:16:01 +0800
>It seems that when RadiusNt updates current time related
>fields like CallDate and etc, it retrieves system time of local machine.
>I wrote a little program which shows who is online and refreshes
>online query from time to time. Also it calculates how long user is
>online by simply subtracting value of CallDate from current time.
>Becouse my program connects to RadiusNt database from different machine,
>there's some difference between my and server machine time. And
>calculated time doesnot present true online time (negative value or
>several min/sec variations). Does anybody know how to syncronize
>my pc's time with time of server machine where RadiusNt (or may be
>ODBC database) stays?
>I need to write some startup procedure which should do time
>syncronization before database connect. Also anybody know how
>does Emerald do it? It has similar window where online times appear.
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When changing the RadiusNT database externally, one must be careful to use
the date on the server for all transactions. To solve this problem, I wrote
a VB routine which creates and executes a small batch file routine that
uses the Net TIME function to syncronize the client machines time with the
server machines time. This function is called each time the external
program is activated. It's crude but effective. It makes me wonder why
Windows 95/98 does not have such a function built in. If you want the code
for this routine, email me directly.

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer

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