Re: [RadiusNT] Users getting stuck online

Paul Woo ( )
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:24:21 -0600

hey, guy, you don't need to kill a fly with a chain saw
there are simplier solutions to your needs

1. to see who's on line, you NAS can do that for you
just telnet into your NAS and issue a command
in our case, we're using baynetworks rac, the command is who
with portmaster, the command is sho ses
this will show you all the info you'll ever need, like, username,
which port, how long been on, idle time, i.p., etc.
to test your callsonline, just kick a few guys off and see if your
querry has been updated.
hey, i've done this a few times, in the name of "quality control", if
anyone calls, just blame it on the telco's noisy lines.

2. radiusnt's callsonline querry is pretty stable, once your NAS issue a
stop record, never fail, radiusnt will always update the callsonline
querry, unless your NAS did a dung, i mean a dump or reboot, and
and no stop record is issued, then callsonline will never pick it up
bay has an open ticket to address this issue, even when the NAS did a
dump, a stop record is always issued to update the callsonline querry

3. we have not encounter too many times when a user hangs up
and no stop record is issued to update callsonline, however, if this
does happen to you, you'll need to manually open the callsonline
querry, find the user, then change the acctstatustype colum
value of 1 to 2, we've set up a macro to change everyone to a
2 just to save a few minutes of time.
our NAs is stable enough to pick up on every disconnect 99.5% of the
time, except the really shitty modems, but eventually they'll always
disconnect, or our tech support's favorite cure-all, tell the
customer to do a cold reboot

paul woo
elp networks
el paso, texas

At 08:42 AM 8/11/99 +0800, you wrote:
>But what is CallsOnline table which I see in MS SQL server?
>There's a table with such name after installing Emerald.
>Does it mean that RadiusNt creates this table temporary
>after launching and updates it from time to time after user logs on/off?
>I want to show online users and now I am at choice how to do it:
>by own custom query (based on ServerPorts table)
>or by simply reading CallsOnline table and hoping that RadiusNt
>already queried needed things for me and placed them in existing
>CallsOnline table?
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>> > To reset user/port status in such situation (ie losing user disconnect),
>> > do I need to reset status field for failed port of CallsOnline table
>> > or/and ServerPorts table's last user status?
>> Callsonline is just a view/query of the ServerPorts. Just reset the
>> AcctStatusType column to something besides 1 and it will clear that
>> entry.
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