Re: [RadiusNT] MS Access db backup

Paul Woo ( )
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 19:44:15 -0600

we're backing up our mdb file to a different server once an hour
the backup is scheduled with nt's at command running a bat file
the bat file is set up to do an ftp instead of dos copy
have no problem with this, running ws_ftp server and client
if you're really concern about data getting corrupted
you may want to put into the same bat file to stop radiusnt
with a net stop command, then transfer the file
then restart the radiusnt with a net start
the whole process should take no more than 5-8 seconds
provided that your mdb file is small
we took care of this problem by running another bat file to
run an access macro to delete all items in the calls table every 24 hours
then compacting the file with the same macro
been working great, mdb file is usually 500-700K after compacting
no corrupted data and a full backup file every hour

we use this similar procedure to back up all important files, not just
radiusnt, but dns files as well

paul woo
elp networks
el paso, texas

At 08:32 AM 8/11/99 +0800, you wrote:
>I want to implement some backup procedure for MS Access db
>used for RadiusNT. Something like external program which copies
>tables every night. Does anybody have any experience?
>Is it safe to copy (just DOS copy) mdb file to other folder
>or I need to write some program which copies tables at
>database/table/record level?
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