[RadiusNT] Basic Info required.

Mohammad Aareph ( aareph@netscape.net )
29 Jul 99 16:13:47 PDT


As i am evaluating radiusnt on MS SQL6.5 on the same machine. I would li=
ke to
ask 4 queries :-

- can i configure on-line disconnection if the balance reaches to =

zero of any id, by using the MS SQL6.5 database. =

- can i check all the features, like simultaneous connection of =

particular id & etc , with radlogin utility , as i have rite now =

all the access servers are in full production....no capacity.

- how can i put my database on another machine and where should i =

define this in radiusnt?

- how could i use my /etc/passwd file of Solaris2.6 for =

authentication at radiusnt?


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