Re: [RadiusNT] Authentication using MS Access ODBC

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 00:33:26 +0800

> Are you talking about authentification, or PPP negotiation? The actual
> authentification should only take a few milliseconds. The timeout value on
> our NAS is 3 seconds, and I have never seen it exceeded.

I think he was talking about PPP negotiation.

> Point-to-Point Protocol negotiation is another matter. This is strictly
> between the client and the NAS, and has nothing to do with RadiusNT.
> Windows 95/98 is not really that quick when it comes to negotiating PPP. I
> story I here is that is because Windows defaults to CHAP (which doesn't
> work that well), and then reverts to PAP. Generally, we find that it takes
> 2 to 3 seconds for PAP. If the client adds Post Dial-Up, that time can be
> extended to 7 or 8 seconds. Its a saw off. PAP is faster and cleaner, but
> it does not support messaging. Post Dial-Up is slower, but at least it
> tells you what went wrong. We recommend the latter to our users.

Any idea to how I can turn off CHAP negotiation in Win 95/98 ?

What is Post-Dialup ? How do I turn it off ?

- Danny Sinang

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