[RadiusNT] radiusnt and access

Gary Austin ( (no email) )
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 21:12:11 -0400

I guess I am stupid here but I am getting real confused. I looked at you 97
and your 972 database and found two extra columns in the radattributes table
but no extra columns in the radvalues table. I have pretty much the same
radattributes values as yours does. At least for those that it says unknown
for. The two extra columns do not have any values for the vendor columns.
I looked in the documentation for how to put vendor specific info in but
didn't see anything that helped. I don't know why these attributes would be
vendor specific since all NASs pass the username and password which is
attributes 1 and 2. I guess I am just really lost here. Can you give me an
example to go buy? Radvendors and radattributes.. If it would be easier to
call someone to get this running I can do that also. It would probably take
only a few minutes. I don't want to keep wasteing your time haveing to
answer these. Thanks again and sorry I am a little slow here.

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"Austin, Gary D" wrote:
> Most likely you didn't update your RadAttributes table and RadiusNT
> failed to load the dictionary. Therefore, it does not know any
> attributes. Take a look at the example MS Access database that
> comes with RadiusNT, and you can compare your tables.
> > Resp Time: 156 Auth: 0/13 -> 13 Acct: 0/0/0 -> 19
> >
> > radrecv: Request from host d0054c05 code=1, id=223, length=75
> > Received unknown attribute 1, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 2, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 4, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 5, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 61, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 6, vendor 0
> > Received unknown attribute 7, vendor 0
> > rad_authenticate_ODBC()
> > Sending Reject of id 223 to d0054c05 (liv2)
> > Authenticate: from liv2 - No User Name
> I guess I don't understand. I have the attributes in their for
> 1,2,4,5,6,7,61. I haven't changed them from the old database and 1.49
> to work ok. If you could help I would really appreciate it.

Yes, but RadiusNT requires atleast 3 new columns in the RadAttributes
and RadValues tables to handle vendor specific attributes. If those
columns don't exist in your DB, the select will error and RadiusNT
will not be able to load any attributes.

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