RE: [RadiusNT] Recommended memory/hardware for RadiusNT

Graeme Slogrove ( )
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 19:01:36 +0200


Since RadiusNT was the ONLY app running on the machine, that's the
reason I singled Radius as being the possible culprit for the memory
problem. Naturally, ODBC could also be the source of the problem.

>It would depend on what else you are doing with the machine
>and the numbers of users. 128mb of Physical memory should
>be fine for most setups, assuming a dedicated machine for SQL
>Server (with no local user logged in).

We have two seperate machines for SQL and RadiusNT

Our SQL Server is a P-II (450) with 384Mb RAM, RAID 5 Ultra/2 SCSI
Our Radius NT is a P-II (400) with (now) 256Mb RAM, Ultra/2 SCSI

All on a 100Mb switched network.

And all the ODBC drivers are the most recent release from Microsoft.


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