RE: [Emerald] VSA and USR's

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 14:02:56 -0500

63 Filtered 6 0 0 Framed-User 2 0
64 Filtered 7 0 0 PPP 1 0
65 Filtered 26 429 36900 Filtered 2 0

What's strange is, when I use the monitor on my term server, it seams that
the word Filtered never comes through, it does seam to see the atribute,
just not the value...

Thanks, Billy

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Billy Huddleston wrote:
> I'm having problems getting getting RadiusNT to send the
proper info for
> VSA's.. I fixed the GetRadATConfigs bug which would cause all
the value 26's
> to be displayed.. But, It seams that the data for the VSA
isn't being sent..
> I'm running RadiusNT v2.5.175

What does the auth request look like? Is it still sending incorrect
attributes? What does the following query return:

Select * From RadATConfigs
Where AccountType = 'xxxx'

where xxxx is the user's account type?


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