Re: [Emerald] User not showing in Online

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 09:46:17 -0800

Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> I have noticed that sometimes a user will not show up on my system in
> Emerald Online.
> We have 1 MAX 6000 running EM 2.5/RNT ODBC and i only have 50 users.
> After I disconnect them they dial back in and I can see them. It is not
> limited to any group, it seems random. My worry is, am I still billing for
> online time ?

You would have to check the calls table to see if you truely got the
record. Also, check the Accounting timeout on the NAS and make sure its
not set to low (see below).

> I also seem to get a user called NULL with no IP address, Any idea why this
> would be ?

This is a wonderful feature that some engineer at Ascend should be
for. If the Ascend fails to send the accounting record over a period of
or is having RADIUS problems, it will "consolidate" the record.
one of the REQUIRED fields, username, in the accounting record gets
Can you imagine that? So RadiusNT gets an accounting record w/out a
and adds the "NULL" username, so that it can store it in the database
clear the port if it was the stop record).


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