Re: [Emerald] Crystal report

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 09:39:26 -0800

Don Barron wrote:
> Looking for some help for a report that will report the same as:
> select Login,
> (select
> SUM(Calls.AcctsessionTime)
> from Calls
> where Login = Username
> )
> as Charge_In_Cents
> from SubAccounts
> where AccountType = 'Minute Charge'
> Notice this will report the amount owing on time usage at 60c/min.

The way you do this in Crystal, is:

select Login, Calls.AcctsessionTime
from Calls, SubAccounts
where SubAccounts.Login = Calls.Username
and AccountType = 'Minute Charge'

First, you group on the Login or username, and then hide the detail
section (the actual call record itself) and tell Crystal to do a
summary of the AcctSessionTime in the Footer for the username group.
could also make the detail a drilldown (whether than hide) which
would allow you to double click a username and see their details
as well.

You can add some formulas/etc to calculate the charge if you want as


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